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This might sound silly but as a first time mom finding the perfect diaper bag was one of my biggest struggles. I know what you’re thinking “How could that be a struggle?” Let me explain myself a little more.

I have always been one to care about fashion and how something looks on me and found that most diaper bags either 1. Look the same or 2. Look too much like a diaper bag. I really love the idea of a backpack styled bag but since I primarily also use our diaper bag as a purse I also want to be able to dress it up a bit. And I don’t think a backpack and an evening dress go hand and hand.

It’s also hard to find a diaper bag that isn’t just a deep dark hole that eats everything you put into it. Most have limited pockets and everything tends to get lost. Talk about inconvenient when you are holding your baby in one arm, groceries in the other and are having to dig through your whole bag to find the keys to your car. Just one big no thanks!

That’s why I wanted to let the mama world know about a new top notch diaper bag being released in late November/early December!

The Ayla Bag alongside The Ayla Vac

Ayla & Co spent 2 years designing and perfecting The Ayla Bag with countless prototypes to make it truly stand out from any other diaper bag on the market. Here are reasons I am obsessed with this bag, and you should be too:

  • It has expandable water bottle pockets for both mom water bottles or kids sippy cups/bottles
  •  It has an insulated removable snack/bottle pouch. Perfect for toting around bottles, sippy cups, snacks or even a picnic lunch
  •  It has a silicone reusable snack bag that can be washed in the dishwasher
  • It has labeled pockets for easy and smart organization
  • It has a washable inner liner so if something spills inside your bag you can zip it out and throw it in the washing machine! Also, if you grow out of the baby stage you can remove the liner and keep the bag as an awesome backpack or travel bag
  • The convertible straps which can be switched between messenger style and backpack style without removing or changing straps around!
See video for easy transition of straps
  • The portable, chic hand held vacuum! perfect for vacuuming up the car seat, stroller, restaurant floor, or really anywhere your kiddos make a mess

And dads, you can rock it too!

If you have fallen in love with this diaper bag as much as I have head over to their Kickstarter and back their project by pre ordering one today! Seriously, now is the time to do it because you can purchase one at a huge discount!

Still not sold? Watch this video!

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