Blakely’s Birth Story

3 months later and I am finally getting around to sharing Blakely’s birth story. I wanted to share it because not only was it the most beautiful day of my life but also one of the craziest and scariest. So without further ado…

The story starts Friday November 8th, I had woken up and started getting ready for work (my due date was the day before, November 7th, but doc thought I was going to have to be induced on the 15th so I continued to work.) I went to take my morning pee (lol) and noticed I had gotten my “bloody show.” I wasn’t sure what that was going to mean, like if I was going to go into labor that day or not so I called in. Around 9pm I started getting some cramping but nothing too crazy so I didn’t worry but around 2am I was woken up by super strong cramps that would come and go…I believed I was starting pre labor so, I started to time them on my contraction timer app. After a few hours I realized I wasn’t going to be able to sleep so I hopped in the shower and that’s when the pain started getting more painful and with less breaks. Around 9am I decided to call the after hours clinic since it was a Saturday. They had me explain what I was feeling and told me to keep counting the mins in between each contraction (yes! They were in fact contractions!) and if they got to every 5 mins to give them another call. Well, 11am and they were every 3 mins… I continued to wait because I wanted to labor at home for as long as I could and I didn’t feel like they had gotten to be debilitating yet. 1pm and I decided to call back and let them know I was on the way to the hospital.

Entering the hospital we were escorted upstairs to Labor and Delivery. I received a room and was told to undress so they can check my dilation and effacement. 80% effaced and 1cm dilated…that’s it?! I mentally prepared myself to be sent back home (as most do with only 1cm dilation) but shortly was told by the doctor that since my blood pressure was a tad high they wanted me to stay to be monitored.

A few hours later I was checked again…no change. But my contractions had gotten more painful! I decided to make laps around the labor and delivery floor in hopes to kick start some dilation but had to keep stopping and having Spencer let me put my arms around his neck and put weight into him (Something we learned in birthing class to help with pain.)

When I went back to my room they suggested that I needed to be put on Pitocin. Pitocin is what they use to induce you and I had heard it is very painful but I agreed to it, I just wanted my baby already. Not too long after they started me on Pitocin I was getting really bad contractions and barely any break in between… Spencer was such a trooper and was there the whole entire time for me even when it got into the wee hours of the morning. After a few hours of being on Pitocin the nurse came in and told me that it would be best to be taken off of it since it was not allowing me any breaks in my contractions which in result was not allowing me to progress. So… we were back to square one.

The hospital that I went to, McKenzie Willamette, had jacuzzi bath tubs. As I felt more painful contractions I decided to use it. It felt as good as anything is going to feel when you are in labor but it did relieve some back pain. I had Spencer taking cups of water and pouring it on my tummy while the jets were massaging my back. There did come a point where I could not be in there any longer and had to lay down.

The nurses continued to monitor my contractions and decided to put me back on Pitocin. They checked me again… I was a 3!! I don’t remember what time that was at as I stopped looking at the clock but it had to be late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. My contractions were so unbearable I finally decided to ask for some pain assistance (those of you who know me know how badly I wanted to deliver unmedicated.) They offered me Fentanyl first as it was a bit soon to get an epidural at the rate I was dilating. So I tried it and I instantly regretted it, I do not recommend. The Fentanyl just made me really tired but did not do much for the pain. I begged them for an epidural and finally they made the call to the on call anesthesiologist and let me know he would be there in about 30 mins… 30 MINS?! How on earth was I going to survive that haha!

After what felt like forever he had finally arrived and they were prepping me for the epidural. Only one person could be in the room with me and of course I chose Spencer. I suddenly became really nauseous right before they put the shot in and ended up throwing up three times before hand this was the first sign of me entering active labor.

The epidural was in and it felt amazing let me tell you! I decided to get some sleep. My mom was asleep in the lounge chair and Spencer was asleep on the window bed when I woke up in pain on my left epidural was only working on my right! I pressed the button to release more medicine but it was just numbing my right side. I called the nurse in and they were debating whether or not to call the anesthesiologist back in to give me another dose because my blood pressure had now dropped from the epidural. Well, they decided NOT to give me another dose but instead to adjust it and see if that helps. Shortly after the adjustment they checked me again… I was a 10! I remember saying to my mom “Wake up Spencer we are having a baby!”

I started pushing and honestly that was one of my favorite parts because it actually felt GOOD to push during my contractions. The nurse even let me use a mirror so I could see my baby girls head start to crown (if that isn’t motivation I don’t know what is!) 1.5 hours of pushing and at 9:32am little Blakely was born!

My baby girl and me after delivery.

This is the moment that chaos started to happen even though I was not fully aware of what was going on. After Spencer cut the umbilical cord and they put Blakely on my chest for skin to skin about 10 to 15 nurses and doctors came in my room. They were surrounding me on each side holding my arms and sticking needles in them taking my blood and inserting IV’s. I thought this was normal. I looked over at my mom and she looked unsettled, almost like she was going to pass out. Then I hear my doctor say “I can’t get out your placenta…” I had a retained placenta and started hemorrhaging. I lost 1500ml of blood and the normal woman giving birth loses 500ml and you can die losing 2000ml. Luckily I did not need a transfusion as I had a lot of iron in my body (thank you prenatals!) Anyways, long story short about me, they were impressed with how I recovered and told me that most people who lose that much blood wouldn’t be able to stand up but I managed to get a shower in haha! I still had to stay in the hospital to be monitored for a couple more days though.

Now for Blakelys part of the story… we had Blakely in our room for about two hours before the doctors said that her oxygen levels were low. They told us that they would have to take her into the nursery for more testing…

My heart dropped.
When we walked into the nursery to check on her and for me to feed her she was hooked up to a bunch of machines and on oxygen. To see your baby like that is the definition of terrifying.

On top of all this we found out she had jaundice and had to be put under a UV light for 24 hours. I felt like it was losing my baby. I wasn’t getting any answers about her oxygen levels and why they were so low.

Tuesday the 12th. The doctor came in and said that Blakely was going to be allowed to be in our room! My heart was so happy, we had been there for 3 days and I couldn’t have my baby in my room with me. The doctors explained how she had been off of the oxygen overnight and had been doing just fine. They found out she had Patent Ductus Arteriosus.
Info below is from the American Heart Association.

“Before a baby is born, the fetus’s blood does not need to go to the lungs to get oxygenated. The ductus arteriosus is a hole that allows the blood to skip the circulation to the lungs. However, when the baby is born, the blood must receive oxygen in the lungs and this hole is supposed to close.”

The doctors said she was still in fetal mode and that it would just take longer for that hole to close.

After a couple of hours of her being in our room we were told we were being discharged. Wait, what?! I get to leave and be with my baby in the comfort of our own home!? Finally.

And that’s the end of Blakely’s birth story and the beginning of her life with us. I feel everything we went through strengthened our bond. We are so blessed!

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