How to Achieve a Retro Styled Shoot

My favorite kind of photo shoots happen to be ones with themes. They get your creative juices flowing and allow for you to have a little more fun with it! Recently I went shopping at Buffalo Exchange and found a rainbow crop top and some overalls which inspired this retro themed shoot (on top of the fact that it was PERFECT for Pride Month.)

Now, after you get yourself a brightly colored outfit for this shoot think of places that are colorful and retro.

Now what might that look like?

Maybe some graffiti, a bright wall, or some old school theater lights.

These are the graffiti locations that I chose! And if you notice I chose to wear my overalls down in one photo and all the way up in another to show there are different ways they can be worn and still look absolutely adorable. The graffiti adds a huge amount of color needed to achieve a retro look.


What can be more retro than a pair of shiny silver shoes?! Possibly this location! Old theater lights add a vintage touch to your photo. And allowing one of your overall straps fall off your shoulder adds an edgy esthetic.

“Live your life being vintagy and fabulous.”

Last but not least! Find yourself a bright solid colored wall! I chose yellow because yellow resembles happiness and that is exactly what this shoot made me feel inside!

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