August was National Breastfeeding month! It’s a month that I now hold near and dear to my heart as I have had the wonderful opportunity to breastfeed my baby girl. It has to be one of the best feelings being able to produce enough milk to provide for Blakely.

I am very much a believer in normalizing breastfeeding so I was more than excited when Elvie reached out to me to collaborate. The first campaign I was asked to do was the #FreeTheFeed campaign in honor of National Breastfeeding month and it meant that I was sent the Elvie Double Breast Pump (a very sought after pump!)

My all time favorite feature of the Elvie Breast Pump is that it is cordless and can be warn while doing anything! And for any mama I know that is a blessing to not have to be tied down to the couch with cords.

On top of it all they work SO well. This was about 10 minutes of pumping! A feature that I found very helpful was the auto shutoff. Once the pump detects the bottles are full it shuts off to prevent overflow and leakage!

To make life even easier than this pump already does— it has its own app! You can control the speed and the suction strength and you can see how much you have pumped on each side. So cool!

I rate the Elvie pump a 10/10 because it truly is everything I have been wanting/needing in a breast pump!

A few weeks ago I was asked to be apart of another campaign for Elvie for their release of two new breastfeeding solutions. I had no idea what the products were yet until they were at my doorstep! I had to keep it a secret for a couple of weeks too! The #LiveYourBreastLife campaign.

The Catch and the Curve. Let me tell you about the difference:

The Catch

This duo is used for any let down that happens during the day. Instead of using breast pads that soak up your milk you’ll be catching every drop of it! Now, I am a leaker so I am constantly wearing breast pads so these are awesome in my book!

The Curve

My favorite out of the two new products! I’ve been using the Haakaa and although the idea is wonderful as it suctions on to your breast while your babe feeds from the other and pulls out milk from your let down. Only thing is with the Haakaa since it dangles Blakely would ALWAYS kick it off causing the milk to spill everywhere! (Literally cried over spilt milk a time or two.) With the Curve it sits in your bra and you can’t even notice it AND it can’t be kicked off. You press in the center to get it to suction and it’s just overall a very comfortable design—much liked their breast pump!

All that milk is JUST from let down, no pumping!
If you haven’t checked all these products out yet I’d highly advise it!

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