PNWshootout- Maternity Edition

Hello all, its been a while. One post in almost a year is not okay with me BUT life gets busy and being pregnant has drained me of pretty much any motivation. I did on the other hand manage to drag my man to his first photo shoot. *insert creepy laugh* I was so excited because it was a shoot out, something I had never done myself and to share that with Spencer was special. The shoot was called PNWshootout and it was a collaboration with many photographers, models, florists, and jewelers! We all met at Mt. Pisgah Arboretum where we were then styled with floral pieces (crowns, bouquets, etc.) and jewelry.


Floral crown by the talented Stem & Stone and jewelry by Rose Roots Design Studio Aromatic Jewelry. Photos by: Rachel Renee 

After we got all dolled up we started our first hour of rotations which consisted of the models being placed in certain areas and the photographers rotating every 5 mins to insure everyone had a chance to shoot with everyone. After the hour was over we  stopped by the parking lot to grab some snacks and then made our way onto our one mile hike up Mt. Pisgah. Let me tell you I was exhausted! #pregnancyproblems
We finally made it to our destination and it was gorgeous to say the least. Perfect view of the city below and the most stunning sunset.

Photo by: Rachel Renee

I want to share some of my favorite shots from that day. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with all of these fellow creatives, my boyfriend, and our baby girl that became the star of the show!

Photos by: Stephanie Jarstads

Photos by: Jade Cara

Photos by: Stunning Portrait Photography

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