Sleep Training My 8 Month Old

Okay okay, I know what you are thinking. Why am I talking about sleep training my daughter two months later? Well, because it worked! Also because I was very busy being a mama. Haha!

Now if you have yet to sleep train your babes don’t worry, it will happen. We co-slept from month 4 until month 8 when we decided it was time to have our bed back, and for us to get a better nights sleep—all three of us.

I remember at Blakely’s 6 month appointment her doctor asking if she slept in her own bed in her own room. I froze… “is she suppose to be??” He told us that it would help us as well as Blakely get a better nights sleep if she were to be in her own room. So we tried and tried and tried and exhausted every tactic we read about. Nothing worked. She would cry and cry and I would end up picking her up to console her, I couldn’t do the “cry it out” method.

Flash forward two months later. We were in California at Spencers family’s cabin and what do you know we were still co-sleeping. Oops! Spencers brother has a baby that is about 6 weeks older than Blakely and she had been sleeping in her crib for a few months now and she had a bedtime. At that point we didn’t even have a bedtime for her since she slept with us she went to bed when we did.

Watching Spencers brother and his wife put their daughter to bed around 7pm and have the freedom to spend the rest of the night how they pleased had me convinced that I was going to start the sleep training process when we got back from vacation, because why mess with things on vacay, right?

Wrong! One night I had decided to try to lay Blakely down after she fed herself to sleep. I quietly slipped out of the room and joined the adults in a game of Cards Against Humanity. I had our baby monitor pulled up on my phone (for those of you who don’t know, we own the Lollipop Cam and it’s the best!) and I noticed Blakely starting to wake up. Spencers sister looks over at me and told me to just let her be for a few minutes and then check on her and reassure her that I am there. I waited the few minutes and went down to do just that and when I left again she was hysterical, she cried harder after seeing me! Well the Ferber method wasn’t going to work…

Finally I decided to download an app called Huckleberry. It helps track your babies sleep and their “sweet spots.” You can also log feedings, diapers, medicine, etc. We just use it for finding Blakely’s sweet spots for her naps and bedtime. After only a few days of using the app she was able to be put down easily for naps (she gets 2 naps a day that equal 3 hours total.) Although bedtime was still a struggle we felt we were getting closer.
On one of the last days at the cabin we laid Blakely down at her Huckleberry recommended bedtime, turned up her sound machine to full volume and went upstairs to hangout with the family. I watched Blakely on the monitor move and whine until finally turning over on to her tummy and falling asleep… in less than 3 minutes she was out! What?! Well, that was easy. The fading method was the way to go for us!

Fast forward to present day. 10 months old and we have a solid schedule. We feel so lucky that we didn’t have to go through a week of hysteria in order to get our little one to sleep. It kind of just happened, maybe it was help from the Huckleberry App, and maybe she was finally ready. No baby is the same. Some sleep in their crib starting at 3 months, and some prefer to sleep next to mama till they are 8 months old and that is okay.

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