Sleepless In Seattle


I absolutely enjoyed my stay in Seattle! From the home-y Airbnb to the alleys ways and the famous Pike Place Public Market! While exploring downtown I chose to sport a comfortable look. What I wore:  black Birkenstocks, textured Victoria Secret leggings, keyhole high neck crop top from LuLu’s, and a sheer plaid blouse by Forever 21 over the top.

Seattle was full of many different styles. Many were dressed to the T in business attire while others rocked a more urban vibe. I chose a sporty urban look because I wanted to feel comfortable and ready to get into a ballet position for the shot at Pike Place but still have the option to dress it up with a blouse while walking the pier.

Also take a look at these awesome photo locations! Every part of Seattle has potential to be a good photo op but these were some of my favorite!

  1. The Seattle Great Wheel
  2. Pike Place Public Market
  3. The Airbnb we stayed at was Pinterest perfect!
  4. The alleyways of downtown

Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the iconic Space Needle so that is definitely at the top of my list for next time!

Photos by: Stephan Bullard

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